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Blush, is inspired by the word “Blush” which is defined as being embarrassed, shy, and coy.  At one point or another in everyone’s life, people come across situations where they are inclined to blush. Going though obstacles, you come out resilient with a sense of self and bravery that is incomparable. 

Exhibition Text:
Being able to intrigue others to blush and be vulnerable is what my series is about. The cultural perceptions of women of color being bossy, loud, unfeeling is ignorant. Each piece features a female who is a leader, boastful and caring.

Natori Green is an artist who depicts urban experiences through the lenses of women of color. She mixes black, brown and white to create lustrous tones to convey an aura of feminine sensitivity and elegant soulfulness of women of color. She is currently pursuing a degree in Visual Communications at Delgado Community College. Her work has been exhibited in online galleries, and as well as other galleries spaces. Natori currently lives and works in New Orleans and is a member of Second Story Gallery.

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