October 14, 2017 - November 5, 2017 Size Matters, Second Story Gallery, New Orleans, LA

Girl Dreaming

 In this portrait, depicted is a sleeping child with two minuscule portraits of parents on the child’s nightgown. Memorializing the separation and death of a child’s mother and father relationship is exhibited. This piece is the polar opposite of Natori Green’s family portrait which is a renders a more jovial subject. The child rests peacefully in a confined environment. The girl is wearing a brilliant yellow nightgown while surrounded by subdued swirls of black and blue.  The child’s surroundings are somber and mysterious. With the depiction of the portraits representing the child’s thoughts.

Family portrait

an small artistic collection of lineage pertaining to the artist Natori Green. It features four generations of females, from the late Emma Green, Natasha (Green) Taylor, Natori Green, Wynter (Green) Diaz. The artist has no known path of lineage other then the obvious ethnicity of african american descant. Bought upon by past genocide, oppression, and blant mis-documenting of her family history. so this is her family tree. Katrina only further her lost of ancestry with many mementos flooded away by the storm. These four are connected by blood, gender, and an cherished memories.